Choice Rehab Care Rehabilitation

Our specialized sub-acute, post-hospital program provides the ultimate in therapy, skilled nursing rehabilitation and restorative care for many types of injuries and illnesses.

This comprehensive rehabilitation program, Bridges Therapy, includes physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy using state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment.  In Bridges Therapy, it is our goal that each resident will receive care and services based on achieving and maintaining their highest practical functional level. Our specialized therapy team provides top-quality services and comprehensive rehabilitation to prepare you for your safe return home.

Our specialized rehabilitation programs are patient-centered and feature 24/7 patient care. In addition to our top-flight rehabilitation equipment, services, physician evaluation, and treatment, patients enjoy a flexible and specialized food menu.  Our high standards of patient dignity and comfort at Choice Rehab Care include a professional and dedicated nursing staff as well as a vast array of daily activities, family education and support.

Resident rooms have been remodeled with HD flat screen TVs, speaker pillows, wireless internet capability and audio/visual emergency call systems.  These comfort and safety upgrades enable our patients to have the same conveniences as they do in their own homes.

Social services case managers are also available to assist with discharge planning and long-term care needs.

In Bridges Therapy, it is our goal that each resident will receive care and services based on achieving and maintaining their highest practical functional level.

Physical Therapy

  • Post-Operative Orthopedic
  • Chronic and Acute Pain Management
  • Neurological and Balance
  • Musculoskeletal Injury
  • Assistive Device Training

Our certified Physical Therapists perform an evaluation on each resident, reviewing medical history, observing posture and movements, testing muscle strength, range of motion and mobility. The Therapist recommends precautions which need to be observed during therapy and plans a treatment program to meet specific goals, including improving strength, balance and coordination.

Occupational Therapy

  • Splinting
  • Acute Fractures
  • Home Assessment & Self-Care Training
  • Upper Extremity Dysfunction
  • Wheelchair Seating & Positioning

To live productively, people must be able to independently accomplish daily activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, leisure and homemaking. Occupational Therapy can restore the highest degree of functional independence by helping an individual attain the highest level of productive living. Our certified Occupational Therapist focuses on self-care, functional mobility, home safety awareness and equipment training.

Speech and Language Pathology

  • Speech and Language Dysfunction
  • Swallowing Dysfunction
  • Cognitive Language Deficits

Our Speech and Language Pathology program is dedicated to helping residents comprehend and express themselves more effectively. Our certified Speech and Language Pathologist provides diagnostic evaluations and treatment programs for residents and patients needing these specialized rehabilitation services. Treatments are provided primarily for adult speech, language, cognitive, hearing and dysphasia (difficulty in swallowing) disorders. In most cases, these are often due to stroke, neurological disease or trauma.